Toronto Asbestos Consultants:

Never Leave
Toronto Again
For Asbestos
Test Results

  • Certified Asbestos Sample Testing
  • Located in the Heart of Toronto
  • Quick Turn Around Times

Toronto Asbestos Consultants

Never Leave
Toronto Again
For Asbestos
Test Results

  • Certified Asbestos Sample Testing
  • Located in the Heart of Toronto
  • Quick Turn Around Times

Get Your Asbestos Sample Results In As Little As 3 Hours

Drop-Off Boxes

Delivering your samples to the lab can chew up huge portions of your time every month.

Our convenient drop-boxes placed throughout the city give you more locations to drop your samples in the Toronto area. The diversity of our drop-box locations reduces your travel time and eliminates the high cost of multiple labs. That will increase your freedom to do what you do best.

Drop your sample in a city box and receive a turnaround time of 24 hours.

Sampling Service

When you’re busy all day, it can be hard to coordinate the delivery of your samples. You have to collect it from the source, and then deliver it to the lab, which doesn’t even begin to factor in all that time-killing stuff in between (driving time, traffic, etc.)

That’s why we offer Automatic Sampling—to reduce the time waste and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Just call, tell us where to go, and we’ll send a professional to:

  1. Collect the sample
  2. Bring it back to the lab
  3. Get your test results via phone, FAX or email

You don’t have to do a single thing.

  • 1. We collect the sample(s)

  • 2. We bring it back to the lab

  • 3. You get your test results via phone, FAX or email

Sample Testing

Located In Toronto’s Core

Delivering your asbestos samples in the city can take more than an hour of drive time each day. No need for that with us.

Test Results In As Little As 3 Hours

Getting your samples tested for asbestos quickly will make your business more profitable.

Zero-Time Transport

Our variety of delivery options (including our automatic sampling service), combined with 3-hour turnaround means you might not even have to leave the job site to get sample results.

Imagine the additional DSS reports you could have, getting same-day results, without spending dozens of hours transporting samples each month.

NIOSH 7400 Accredited Lab

Consistent, careful results with the professional accreditation to back up those results.

Turnaround Time (TAT)
on Test Results

Your customers want their DSS reports done yesterday. Our delivery options and short turnaround can help you get your results faster than anyone else.

You can get the samples tested in as little as 3 hours when bringing it to our lab. When you drop off your sample, ask us what our capacity is, usually we can have it done by the time you finish lunch.

Turnaround Times
3 hours
Same Day
24 hours
48 hours
Standard (5 days)

Call for pricing: 647.410.5025 / Mon. to Fri. 9—5

Mould, Lead, & Other Substances

Going to multiple labs to get all your samples tested is a hassle—and unnecessary—when asbestos isn’t your only problem.

If you need testing for mouldlead, or other substances, we’re qualified to test those samples too!

Delivery Options

To increase the efficiency of your day, we offer 6 different ways to get a sample to the lab. Writing DSS reports is a big part of your business, but getting samples delivered is a hassle and the time lost in transport can be a waste of money.

You have to drive long distances through traffic to get to the nearest lab, and if you don’t want to drive, you have to wait longer for results from mailed-in samples. By choosing 1 of these 6 options for delivery, you get the best of both worlds—accurate reports in as little as 3 hours.  See Which Option is Best For You →

Option How it works
Automatic Sampling Service A licensed technician will drive to your job site or building and collect the sample(s)*. The sample is then dropped off at the lab and the results are emailed to you as soon as they’re done.

If it’s more convenient, we’ll phone you with the results; either way, it’s a great time-saving measure that will help free up your day.

*Additional cost to pay for tech and sample pickup.

Sample Pickup Similar to our automatic sampling service, except you take the sample yourself and we’ll pick it up. Perfect for asbestos abatement consultants writing DSS reports.

The fee for pickup is only $30* within 30km of our location in Toronto’s downtown core.

*Reasonable additional cost for greater than 30km.

Lab Drop-Off Drop your sample off at the lab during business hours for premier customer service and rapid turnaround time. If you need assistance with anything, we’ll be here to help get your ducks in a row.
Drop-Off Box Simple and convenient: first find the nearest drop-box, then call us once you’ve dropped the sample off so we know it’s there.
After Hours Lab Drop-Off Feel free to drop your sample off in our after-hours slot. We’ll receive the sample the next business day and begin work right away.
Mail Your Sample You can mail us your samples too. Just make sure you seal them with a chain of custody form.

Chain Of Custody

A smile and warm atmosphere is one way we help ease the stress of a busy day, but you’ll get more than that. Come into the lab and you’ll get help filling out your Chain of Custody form, and assistance with any other sample-related tasks you may need.

Save Hours Delivering Asbestos Samples Using Our Automatic Asbestos Sampling Service