Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal Asbestos Abatement Consultants:

Never Leave
The City Again
For Asbestos
Test Results

  • Certified Asbestos Testing Laboratory
  • Serving the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Corridor
  • Quick Turn Around Times

Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal Asbestos Abatement Consultants:

Never Leave
The City Again
For Asbestos
Test Results

  • Certified Asbestos Testing Laboratory
  • Serving the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Corridor
  • Quick Turn Around Times

Get Your Asbestos Sample Results Same Day

Drop-Off Boxes

Delivering your samples to the lab can chew up huge portions of your time every month.

Our convenient drop-boxes placed throughout the city give you more locations to drop your samples in the Toronto area. The diversity of our drop-box locations reduces your travel time and eliminates the high cost of multiple labs. That will increase your freedom to do what you do best.

Drop your sample in a city box and receive a turnaround time of 24 hours.

Sampling Service

When you’re busy all day, it can be hard to coordinate the delivery of your samples. You have to collect them, prepare and package them, and arrange for transport to the lab.

As an asbestos testing laboratory operating in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor, we are familiar with the nature of the buildings in these areas and the work you put in to ensure accurate and definitive data to support your DSS reports.

That’s why we offer Automatic Sampling. Just call us at 416.688.2757 in the Toronto area or 613.899.9341 for Ottawa-Montreal, tell us where to go, and we’ll send a technician to:

  1. Collect the sample
  2. Bring it back to the lab
  3. Deliver your test results via phone, FAX or email

You don’t have to do a single thing.

  • 1. We collect the sample(s)

  • 2. We bring it back to the lab

  • 3. You get your test results via phone, FAX or email

Sample Testing

Laboratory operating in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Corridor

Delivering your asbestos samples in the city can take more than an hour of drive time each day. No need for that with us.

Test Results Returned to You the Same Day

Getting your samples tested quickly for asbestos will help your bottom line.

Zero-Time Transport

Our variety of delivery options (including our automatic sampling service) means you might not even have to leave the job site to get sample results.

Imagine the additional DSS reports you could write—getting same-day results—without spending dozens of hours transporting samples each month.

Turnaround Times (TAT)
on Test Results

Our delivery options and pre-arranged short turnaround times can help you get your results in time for your next steps.

Turnaround Times
Rush (please call for arrangements)
Two Business Days
Standard (up to 5 business days)
Two Weeks (up to 10 business days)

Call for pricing: 416.688.2757 / Mon. to Fri. 8—4

Mould, Lead, & Other Substances

Going to multiple labs to get all your samples tested is a hassle—and unnecessary—when asbestos isn’t your only problem.

We are a full-spectrum designated substance testing laboratory. We are familiar with the state of buildings in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor. We are focused, equipped and trained to identify several types of contaminants.

So, if you need testing for mouldlead, or other substances, we’re qualified to process those samples too!

Delivery Options

To increase the efficiency of your day, we offer three different ways to get a sample to the lab. Writing DSS reports is a big part of your business, but getting samples delivered is a hassle and the time lost in transport is a waste of resources.

If you work in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor, you may have to drive long distances to get to the nearest lab or wait for results from mailed-in samples. By choosing one of these three transport options, you get the best of all worlds—accurate reports in as little as three hours.  See which option is best for you →

Option How it works
Automatic Sampling Service A licensed technician will drive to your job site or building and collect the sample(s)*. The sample is then delivered to the lab and the results are emailed to you as soon as they’re done.

If it’s more convenient, we’ll call you with the results; either way, it’s a great time-saving measure that will help free up your day.

*Additional cost for tech and sample pickup.

Sample Pickup Similar to our automatic sampling service, except you collect the sample yourself and we pick it up*. This is perfect for consultants writing DSS reports.

*Contact us to discuss fees for distances within, and greater than, 30km from our locations in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal.

Mail Your Sample You can mail or courier your samples too. Just make sure you seal them with a Chain of Custody form.

Chain Of Custody

We are dedicated to providing accurate and timely test results.  To help you achieve this, download the Chain of Custody form to enumerate and describe your samples.  This way, there’s no mistaking where and how much asbestos, if any, can be found at your site.

More than just asbestos

The same goes for other designated substances. If you are not sure, please call us—we’ll give you all the help and advice needed.  We can also help you fill out your Chain of Custody form, and provide any assistance with other sample-related tasks you may need.

Save Hours Delivering Asbestos Samples Using Our Automatic Asbestos Sampling Service

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Victims of asbestos exposure often end up with lung cancer or other harmful lung problems. We donate a portion of our proceeds to Lung Cancer Canada for research towards finding a cure and to support educational programs on healthy breathing.