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Our Asbestos Testing Method:


You fill out the chain of custody form for your samples, and make arrangements to transport the sample(s) to us. Your job is now done.


We analyse your sample under a microscope for characteristics related to asbestos.


BULK SAMPLING: Depending on what the sample is (e.g. ceramic tile, drywall, popcorn ceiling), we may crush the sample into smaller pieces or liquefy it before analysing it under the microscope.


AIR SAMPLING: Air samples are collected using a very thin sponge (the filter inside the cassette). We remove the sponge and cut it into smaller pieces. 0.01 ff/cc (fibres per cubic centimetre of air) is the maximum amount of fibres allowed by law.  The sponge (filter) is then dissolved using chemicals, which leaves only the asbestos (or nothing if the sample is uncontaminated). After analysing the residual material with a microscope, we’ll provide you with a reading of the concentration of asbestos.


We deliver the detailed sample results by phone, FAX or email.

Bulk & Air Sampling:

Only two of many types of testing

Whether we’re using bulk samples or air samples, the goal of testing is to find the number of asbestos fibres in your sample. If a particular concentration of fibres is present, it’s positive for asbestos.

Both PLM and PCM testing allows us to count the fibres in your bulk sample at a microscopic level so that we can find even any amount of asbestos in the sample.

Bulk Sampling Air Sampling
Testing solid chunks of building material

80% of the samples collected are bulk.

Bulk sampling allows you to test for asbestos in any of the solid materials in the building to find if there is any Asbestos Contaminated Material (ACM). ACM is a specific industry term, so it’s an acronym worth knowing.

PLM Testing

We analyze bulk samples using Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM).

If the polarized light microscopy fails, then Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) will be required.

The shortest turnaround time available for TEM is 24 hours.

If we determine that your sample requires TEM testing, we’ll call you immediately to let you know.

Testing indoor air

Air sampling is used to find asbestos that might be floating in the air.

The majority of air tests are for:

  • Type 3 asbestos removal
  • People who are concerned about the quality of their indoor air

PCM Testing

We analyze air samples using Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).

Air samples are collected by running air through a filter contained within a cassette.

The main problem we find with air sampling is receiving a cassette overloaded with dirt and contaminants.

The air test has to be run in a clean, dry area. The pump opening should be facing down, 5-6 feet off of the ground.

Who is Asbestos Testing for?

  • Asbestos & Environmental Consultants
  • Restoration & Abatement Contractors
  • Homeowners – try our Asbestos Sampling Guide if you’ve never done this before.

When starting a new renovation or restoration job in the Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal areas, a Designated Substance Survey (DSS) report is required. To complete the report, sample testing of all listed substances is mandatory.

Get Extra Help With Your Samples

Call us. We’ll assist you through the entire process of sampling, filling out the chain of custody forms and answer any question you may have.

We can rent/sell you any equipment required to take your samples, including for bulk or air sampling; pumps, cassettes, testing kits, and more.


4 Different Ways To Deliver Your Samples

Option How it works
Automatic Sampling Service Call us.  A licensed technician will drive to your job site or building and collect the sample(s)*. The sample is then brought to the lab and the results are either emailed or FAXed to you as soon as the tests are done.

If it’s more convenient, we’ll call you with the results; either way, it’s a great time-saving measure.

*Additional cost for tech and sample pickup.

Sample Pickup This service is like automatic sampling service, except you take the sample yourself and we’ll pick it up. Perfect for asbestos abatement consultants writing DSS reports who aren’t in a position to deliver the samples themselves.  Just give us a call.

*Contact us to discuss fees for distances within, and greater than, 30km from our locations in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal.

Sample Drop-Off We have several sample drop-off locations for safe, contact-free deposits. We’ll receive the sample(s) the next business day and begin work right away.
Mail or Courier You can mail or courier your sample(s) too. Just make sure you seal them with a chain of custody form.
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Victims of asbestos exposure often end up with lung cancer or other harmful lung problems. We donate a portion of our proceeds to Lung Cancer Canada for research towards finding a cure and to support educational programs on healthy breathing.