Never Leave Toronto For Test Results Again

Toronto Asbestos Consultants: Stop Wasting Hours A Week Driving Samples To The Lab

Located In Toronto’s Core

Driving 45-minutes from Toronto just to deliver a sample lowers your profit on every asbestos-related job. Never make that drive again.

Sample Results In As Little As 3 Hours

If you need a DSS report, drop your samples off at the last for rapid testing. Quick results will make your business more profitable.

Zero-Time Transport

Our variety of delivery options (including automatic sampling service), combined with on-the-spot turnaround, means you may never need to leave the job site to retrieve sample results.

Flexible Sample Turnaround Times

We offer a variety of turnaround times, each with their own pricing, to match your busy, unpredictable schedule. We also continue to offer discounts for high quantities of samples. Get all your sampling done in one place, all at the same time!

Turnaround Times*
3 hours
Same day
24 hours
48 hours
Standard (5 days)

*Call for pricing: 647.410.5025

Who is Asbestos Testing for?

  • Asbestos & Environmental Consultants
  • Restoration & Abatement Contractors
  • Homeowners – try our Asbestos Sampling Guide if you’ve never done this before.

When starting a new renovation or restoration job in Toronto, a Designated Substance Survey (DSS) report is required. To complete the report, sample testing of all listed substances is mandatory.

How Does Asbestos Sample Testing work?


You’ll fill out the chain of custody form for your samples, and transport the sample to us. Your job is now done.


We analyze your sample under a microscope for characteristics related to asbestos.


BULK SAMPLING: Depending on what the sample is (ceramic tile vs. drywall), we may crush the sample into smaller pieces or liquefy it before analyzing it under the microscope.


AIR SAMPLING: Air samples are collected using a very thin sponge (the filter inside the cassette). We remove the sponge and cut it into smaller pieces. 0.01 ff/cc (fibres per cubic centimetre of air) is the maximum amount of fibres allowed by law.


The sponge (filter) is then dissolved using chemicals, which leaves only the asbestos (or nothing if the sample is uncontaminated). After analyzing the residual material with a microscope, we’ll provide you with a reading of the concentration of asbestos.


We’ll deliver the detailed sample results by phone, FAX or email.

Asbestos Testing Types: Bulk & Air Sampling

Whether we’re using bulk samples or air samples, the goal of testing is to find the number of asbestos fibres in your sample. If a particular concentration of fibres is present, it’s positive for asbestos.

Both PLM and PCM testing allows us to count the fibres in your bulk sample at a microscopic level so that we can find even any amount of asbestos in the sample.

Get Extra Help With Your Samples

Call us or come in to the lab. We’ll assist you through the entire process of sampling, filling out the chain of custody forms and answer any question you may have.

We can rent/sell you any equipment required to take your samples, including for bulk or air sampling; pumps, cassettes, testing kits, and more.