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In the last twenty years, there have been serious efforts put towards ensuring that Canadians are not exposed to asbestos. This is evidenced by the prohibition of the use of asbestos for commercial use. Unfortunately, there’s the risk of exposure to this toxic mineral through other unrelated minerals and substances, such as vermiculite. At Asbestos Laboratories, we offer testing services for clients concerned with the composition of vermiculite in Ottawa.


Vermiculite is a pebble-like mineral that puffs up when exposed to heat. This creates pockets of air, which makes it a suitable choice for insulation materials used in construction. Vermiculite can be found in attics. It comes in different colors, including gray, brown, or even golden. Besides construction,  vermiculite is also used in packaging, making concrete screed, and gardening.

Does Vermiculite Contain Asbestos?

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring substance that does not originally contain asbestos. Contamination is, however, possible during mining. Concerns about vermiculite grew when it was discovered that the Libby Mines from which most of the vermiculite used in Canada was extracted from, also contained natural deposits of asbestos.

How to Tell If Your Vermiculite Contains Asbestos

Having your vermiculite tested at an asbestos lab is the only way to tell whether it is an Asbestos Contaminated Material. If your house contains vermiculite insulation installed before 1990, the chances of asbestos contamination are high. That is because this was before vermiculite sourced from mines containing asbestos was prohibited.

How Can You Prevent Exposure to Asbestos Found in Vermiculite?

The adverse health effects of asbestos occur when its fibers are inhaled or ingested. Hence, any abrasion that may result in the release of these fibers should be avoided. To ensure that your household isn't exposed to asbestos that may be found in your attic insulation or gardening products, you should take the following precautions:

  • Refrain from removing any vermiculite insulation from its position. Any movement may result in loose toxic fibers in the air.
  • Get a professional to do all renovations around your home that may involve your attic or disrupt insulation. Professionals can test for asbestos and take safety measures to ensure the demolition or renovations are done without exposing the harmful components of asbestos to the environment.
  • Make sure the ceiling is completely sealed off to prevent the spilling of any pebbles into other spaces in the house.

As long as asbestos fibers are not present in the air, there’s no risk to you or your family’s health. At Asbestos Laboratories, we not only offer testing services to organizations, but also to homeowners to make sure they are safe from the toxicity of asbestos.

Keep Your Home Safe

Asbestos Laboratories has made it easier than ever to get samples of materials that are suspected of containing asbestos tested. If you wish to have your vermiculite in Ottawa tested for asbestos, get in touch with us on 416.635.5025. We can arrange to have your samples picked, tested at the lab, and the results sent to you via email, fax, or on the phone.

Vermiculite Ottawa

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