What is your “Automatic Sampling” service?


We realize that it might be hard to coordinate the sample delivery. You have to take the sample, deliver it to the lab, and everything in between (drive-times, traffic, etc.).

That’s why we offer automatic sampling. Simply call us, tell us where to go, and we will send a technician to:

  • collect the sample
  • bring it back to the lab
  • deliver you the sample analysis results via phone, FAX or email

You don’t have to do a single thing.

In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) the cost for this service is $150 for the first sample and $45 for each additional sample. Within 24 hours you’ll have your results.

Call us for bulk pricing or quicker turnaround times on our automatic sampling service.

Our 6 delivery options are designed to save you time so you can spend less time transporting samples, and more time writing DSS reports.