Print out our Chain Of Custody form and fill out all 6 sections:

Admin information

  • Contact info
  • Project information
  • Address of the property where sample is taken
  • Project ID, if applicable

Delivery of results

  • phone, FAX or email

Sample details

  • Sample name
  • Sample descriptions
  • Date/time the samples were taken

Analysis required

  • Check off the type of sample, and what it’s being tested for
  • Common tests include Bulk Asbestos, Air Quality Testing, and Mould Spore-Trap

Turnaround time (TAT)

  • Be sure to call or email for each pricing option

Special instructions, Print/Save/Email

  • Fill in your instructions regarding the test(s), sample(s) or anything else you feel we should know
  • Print/Save/Email the form using the convenient buttons.

You can find detailed information on how to fill out the chain of custody form here. You’ll find screenshots of every part of the form, and samples of completed forms.