Options for Transporting Samples:

Convenient Sample Delivery Modes To Save Time

Automatic Sampling Service

When you’re busy all day it’s hard to coordinate delivery of your samples. You have to collect the sample, deliver it to the lab, and everything in between (drive times, traffic, etc.).

That’s why we offer automatic sampling. Simply call us, tell us where to go, and we’ll send a professional to:

  • Collect the sample
  • Bring it back to the lab
  • Deliver your test results via phone, FAX or email

You don’t have to do a single thing.

If you’re further than 30 km, call us. We’ll travel almost anywhere within reason, with additional charges for travel expenses.

Call us for bulk pricing or quicker turnaround times on our automatic sampling service.

Turnaround Times
Rush (please call to make arrangements)
Two Business Days
Standard (up to 5 business days)
Two Weeks (up to 10 business days)
Proper containment of asbestos materials

Sample Pickup

If you’ve already collected the sample, we’ll be happy to pick it up and save you the trip. This is similar to our automatic sampling service, except you take the sample yourself; here’s a few guidelines to help you in your collection.

Need a pick-up outside our service area?

Drop-Off Boxes

With our drop-off boxes, you now have many convenient places to choose from for dropping-off samples in the Toronto area. We’re able to provide you with a variety of locations that keep our overhead low and we pass those savings on to you.

Setting up drop-off boxes is easy too – you can request a new drop-off box location. If we find multiple customers located in that area, you might wake up to find a new box near you!

The quickest sample turnaround time for drop-off boxes is 24 hours.

Call us to request a rush order if you need your test results sooner. If you call a day in advance, we may be able to coordinate a quicker turnaround time.

Drop-Off Box Instructions

Step 1: Fill out the Chain Of Custody form for the samples

Step 2: Put the Chain of Custody form into the sample bags provided (keep your sample bag closed)

Step 3: Drop your samples in our drop-box

Step 4: IMPORTANT – Call 647.410.5025 and let us know that you’ve dropped off your sample, and which location. We check the boxes based on your call.

Pandemic Drop Off of Samples

If you’ve been running from job to job, you might not be able to deliver samples during business hours.

To meet COVID-19 pandemic measures, we have set up drop-off boxes at convenient addresses.

For the Toronto area, you can use our boxes at 101 Freshway Dr., Unit 5, Concord, or 144 Sharer Rd, Woodbridge.

For the Ottawa area, we are securing additional safe, central locations; in the meantime, drop off your sample(s) at 8244 County Road 17, Unit B

We have a simple drop-off procedure:

Step 1: Fill out Chain of Custody for the samples

Step 2: Put the Chain of Custody into the bag you use for your individually bagged samples

Step 3: Leave your sample(s) in our drop-box.

We’ll receive the sample the next morning and begin work right away. You can find more instructions on how to properly take and store samples in our Asbestos Sampling Guide.

Asbestos Labs Drop Box

Mail or Courier Your Samples

This is a good option for anyone who doesn’t live near Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal. You can mail or courier us your samples. Just make sure you seal them with a Chain of Custody form.

If by mail, choose a priority mail with tracking options. If you’re shipping more than 5 samples, we will pay for the shipping. The sooner you can get the samples to us, the sooner we can deliver results.

Ship to:

Asbestos Laboratories of Canada
8244 County Road 17, Unit B
Rockland, ON  K4K 1K7

And remember, we can give you the results instantly via phone, FAX or email – so you don’t have to wait for your sample to be shipped back. In fact, if you don’t need the sample back, we can dispose of it for you.

Take a look at our Asbestos Sampling Guide to learn how to package your samples correctly for transit.

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