Commercial and Residential Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Laboratories provides fast, reliable, and accurate testing for all types of lead contamination. Our team of professional technicians can help test your air, soil, or water to determine if any lead levels are present.

We understand the importance of proper testing and analysis when detecting lead contamination. That’s why we use the most advanced methods and technologies available to detect even the slightest traces of lead accurately. Our experienced staff will collect samples from your site and analyze them in our state-of-the-art lab to determine the levels of lead present.

Lead paint was banned in Canada in the 1960s, including in Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal. If your home is older and undergoing renovations, you should call our team.

Benefits of Lead Testing

  • Expert Team
    Our experienced staff can safely collect samples from your property.

  • Full Panel Results
    Our labs provide a comprehensive paint, air, soil, and water analysis to detect lead contamination accurately.

  • Safe and Proven Methods
    We use proven safety protocols and advanced technologies for reliable result

  • Affordability
    Save with cost-effective solutions with competitive prices for testing and analysis services.

  • Peace of Mind
    Experience peace of mind that comes from knowing the safety of your property is assured with accurate lead testing results.

Our Lead Paint Testing Services

Whether you need lead testing for residential or commercial purposes, Asbestos Laboratories is your source for reliable and accurate results. Our team of experienced professionals can provide a full range of services, from sampling to analysis.

Sampling Services
Let our experts handle the sampling process with an easy and efficient collection of samples from your property. We use safe protocols and advanced technologies to ensure accurate sample collection for reliable results.

Analysis Services
Once we’ve collected the necessary samples, our lab technicians will analyze them using state-of-the-art methods and technologies to determine if any lead levels are present.

Lead Testing Process



Our experts will identify the best sampling locations on your property and collect samples for analysis.



The collected samples will be sent to our lab for analysis using state-of-the-art methods and technologies. Our highly trained technicians will provide comprehensive panel results, giving you an accurate assessment of lead levels.



Once we have the testing process results, our team can advise you on any further action that may need to be taken to ensure the safety of your property from lead contamination. We’ll also provide you with all necessary documentation for compliance with local regulations.

Hear What Our
Clients Have to Say

Wishing I could give a 10-star review for Asbestos Labs! The woman I spoke to on the phone was so kind and patient. My concerns were validated and all my questions answered kindly by herself and the asbestos labs team. I felt as though I was asking such silly questions, since I’ve never dealt with asbestos before and I was reassured that it is very common to feel this way. I was walked through the process of taking my own samples and I had my results before I knew it! I’m very glad I chose to use asbestos labs for my samples and I will definitely recommend them in the future to others who are in need of testing.
Elizabeth C.

Professional Lead Testing in Canada

Lead exposure can cause serious health complications, so it’s essential to get regular lead tests done to ensure the safety of everyone who resides on or visits your property.

Asbestos Laboratories provides reliable and professional lead testing services throughout the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor. Our experienced professionals use advanced technologies and proven methods to accurately detect even trace amounts of lead contamination in air, soil or water samples from your site.

Contact our team to explore our comprehensive lead testing solutions.